Introduction to Moodle - Free Course


There is a lot of excitement and buzz about online learning. A multitude of tools and digital learning options are available to educators and learners. Moodle is a robust, scalable, full-featured open source Learning Platform. It has 200 million users from 242 countries.

However, the Moodle platform is only a framework. Its important to understand what it offers and how  educators use it for delivering their own content and curriculum.

Completing this Course will help you:

  • Gain an overview of how online learning works.
  • Build an understanding of the Social Constructivist theory of learning and how Moodle is built on this
  • Understand the different scenarios where Moodle can be used
  • Gain an understanding of the core features and tools in Moodle

Who is this Course for?

This course is for anyone wanting to understand Moodle as a digital platform for learning and  teaching. You could be a student, coach, educator or simply interested in online learning.


Lesson 1 : Introduction to online learning

An introductory module discussing the underlying principles and philosophy of online learning. Prior to selecting tools, platforms or applications, it is critical for educators to gain an overall understanding of online llearning. 

Videos + Reading Material + Forum Discussions + Quizzes

Lesson 2 - Social Constructionist Theory

The design and development of Moodle is guided by a “social constructionist pedagogy” . Constructionism asserts that learning is particularly effective when constructing something for others to experience. This module will introduce you to the philosophy underlying Moodle for you to understand it better. 

Videos + Reading Material + Forum Discussions

LESSON 3 : Scenarios where Moodle can work

In this lesson, we will discuss the various scenarios of using moodle – blended learning, asynchronous versus synchronous learning and how these can fit into requirements of multiple target audiences- young children in an elementary school or adults in higher education.

Videos + Reading material +Quizzes

Lesson 4 - Core Features of Moodle

This section will explore some of the core features of moodle that are used to build courses. You will see samples of these features as well as learn to use a few  tools yourself.

Video + Assignments + Quiz

Lesson 5: Build Your Own Course

In this module you will get a chance to experiment with creating and building your own course.

Videos+  Practise Course + Forum Discussions








5 Hours